About Freeland Allotment Association

In December 2010, the parish council suggested we could use some of the land reserved for a burial ground as an allotment. Martin Shann was given the job of looking into it and the following spring presented the idea to the Annual Village Meeting.

The village meeting was enthusiastic and Martin became chairman of the Allotment Working Group. During the summer of 2011 the key issues were decided such as how many plots were needed and how big would they be. A local solicitor,  Lindsey Harrison, helped to produce a lease and set of rules. Martin also spent many hours measuring the field and knocking in wooden stakes to mark out 36 plots. Finally in Sept 2011 all was ready and the first cohort of plot holders met at their new allotments and drew lots out of a hat to see who got which plot.

Having got the plots running Martin recruited six plot holders to join him in an Allotment Committee, these were, Chris Ball, James Bugg, John Howe, Jenny Fielding, Tina Hollis and Penny Young. In April 2014 we became a self managing association and these same people were voted in by the plot holders as the first committee of the Freeland Allotment Association with John Howe as Chairman, Chris Ball as Treasurer and James Bugg as Secretary. In September 2015 John Howe and Chris Ball stepped down, Tina Hollis became Madam Chair and Sue Hooper became Treasurer. Along the way Jenny Fielding left the village for rural Devon and Jacky Scotney-Jones and John Bridgeman joined us. This team was re-elected in September 2016.

Other notable events were getting a rabbit fence in Sept 2012 and water arriving in June 2013. The parish council helped with the costs of these two improvements for which we are very thankful.

Two years ago the parish council realised that the ground is unsuitable for burials due to the height of the water table so plans are being prepared for a garden of remembrance for cremation internments using the land we had reserved close to the road. This should mean that the allotments will be available for many years to come.

A few photos taken at the allotment site can be found here